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David Andres Hernandez aka "El Gallo" DEZ was born in Whittier, CA. Coming from a long generation of mariachi musicians, David began his performing journey at the tender age of 5 years old. Although mariachi has always been the foundation of his musical interest, he has shown his versatility through a variety of genres including: Jazz, RnB, Pop, Rock and has now added Tejano music! He has shared the stage with latin legends such as Angelica Maria, Jose Hernandez de Mariachi Sol De Mexico, Fernando De La Mora, Manuela Torres, Chucho Lopez and even a tribute honoring latin composer, Eduardo Magallanes. 2023 begins his recording musical journey with LMD PRODUCTIONS and SHELLSHOCK RECORDS 3 with the guidance of his producer LMD (Shelly Lares), DEZ is sure to bring a fresh, magnificent sound and vibe to the Tejano music scene with his captivating voice. On February 3rd his breakout single dropped and is available on all digital platforms and Tejano radio. "Rogando Por Tu Amor" (version tejana) is a smooth, beautiful, progressive ranchero written and arranged by LMD and cowritten by DEZ. It will soon be followed up by a mariachi bolero version as well. His first EP is coming soon and will feature the styles he has come to love. Follow him on all his social media platforms!

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